Tree and Shrub Planting

We provide a full service of tree and shrub planting for major engineering projects for utilities, farmers, and domestic households. We can plant broadleaved trees, conifers, fruit trees and shrubs. Please click on a picture for a larger version.

Broadleaved Trees

Field maple (acer campestre)

Small tree or shrub commonly found in woodlands and hedges. Leaves turn a deep golden red in autumn. Good hedgerow tree. Britain’s only native maple.

Sycamore (acer pseudoplatanus)
A fast growing tree, suited to most conditions. Good for shelterbelts and windbreaks.

Horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum)
An impressive tree with characteristic flowers and fruits. Prefers fertile soils.

Common alder (alnus glutinosa)
A fast growing tree, best suited to damp or wet ground. With cones and catkins.

Silver birch (betula pendula)
Attractive, fast growing tree, scaly white bark with cones, catkins and small leaves that turn yellow in the autumn.

Hornbeam (carpinus betulus)
An attractive tree with leaves similar to beech. More suited to the Holderness heavy clay land.

Beech (fagus sylvatica)
An impressive tree suited to chalky, light and well drained soils.

Copper beech (fagus sylvatica purpurea)
A specimen tree with red-purple leaves. Prefers chalky, light and well-drained soils.

Ash (fraxinus excelsior)
A common woodland or hedgerow tree. Grows well on all soils.

Poplar (populus) – several species
Fast growing, tough trees. Must be kept away from drains and buildings, as root systems are very vigorous.

Aspen (populus tremula)
A smaller poplar suitable for heavy wet soils. Attractive toothed leaves appear to shimmer in the breeze.

Wild cherry (prunus avium)
Ideal for woodland edges and shelterbelts. Double white blossom and leaves that turn yellow in the autumn.

Oak (English) (quercus robur)
The classic English countryside tree. Suited to medium-heavy fertile land.

Willow (salix) – several species
Very hardy trees, easy to grow and suitable for damp, wet sites. Must be kept away from drains and buildings, as root systems are very vigorous.

Whitebeam (sorbus aria)
A hardy tree, suited to most soils, with a grey underside to the leaves.

Rowan – mountain ash (sorbus aucuparia)

An elegant tree with cream flowers and orange-red berries. Tolerates acid soils.

Lime – small leaved and broadleaved – (tilia…)
These trees are popular for driveways and avenues. Will grow on most soils.


Conifer Trees

Nordman’s fir (abies nordmanniana)
A large, slow growing and generally disease resistant fir tree.

Lawson’s cypress (chamaecyparis lawsoniana)
A popular slender tree. Fast growing on most soils.

Japanese larch (larix leptolepsis)
A deciduous tree that tolerates exposure.

Norway spruce (picea abies)
Dark shiny green needles and long drooping cones.

Scots pine (pinus sylvestris)
Conical in shape when young, becomes irregular and flat topped later.

Yew (taxus baccata)
Slow growing small tree or large shrub. Prefers chalk and limestone soils.


Fruit Trees



Bramley seedling
arge flat, round fruit, greenish yellow with red flush.

Rev. W Wilks
creamy yellow fruits of good flavour. Prolific cropper.




Cox’s orange pippin
Yellow flushed red and russet

Early Worcester
L arge crimson round fruits. Excellent eating quality

Ellison’s orange
Medium size, golden round fruits. Very juicy and richly flavoured.

James Grieve
Yellow with red flushed stripe. Juicy with crisp sweet flavour.



Berberis (berberis thunbergii)
Thrive on most soils and in sun or shade. Yellow flowers on thorny branches. Bold autumn foliage with bright red berries.

Buddleja – butterfly bush (buddleja alternifolia)
Medium to large shrub, tolerant of most soils. Prefers full sun. Narrow leaves with long spikes of lilac flowers. Attracts butterflies in summer.

Cotoneaster (cotoneaster bullatus)
Large shrub with white flowers and bright red berries.

Dogwood – red barked (cornus alba)
Thrives in wet or dry conditions. Red stems in winter and white or blue tinged fruits.

Dogwood-common (cornus sanguinea)
Tolerant of most soils. Red leaves and shiny black fruits in the autumn.

Laurel (prunus laurocerasus)
A fast growing evergreen shrub. Tolerates shade and damp conditions.

Pyracantha (pyracantha coccinea)
A spiny shrub with glossy foliage and bright orange berries. Will grow well in almost any conditions.

Guelder rose (vibernum opulus)
Fragrant white flowers in spring with clusters of drooping red berries in the autumn. Prefers damp conditions.